Top Three Reasons to Shop at Profile Subaru Near Berlin

Finding the right car-dealership is just as important, if not more so, than finding the actual car that you want.  Here at Profile Subaru, we encourage drivers from Naples, ME and beyond to find whatever it is that they’re looking for at our facility in Conway, NH.  If you're having trouble determining where to look for your next vehicle, consider these three reasons why you should buy from Profile Subaru this summer:

  • Trust…
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2014 Memorial Day BBQ Ideas

Memorial Day is a holiday very near and dear to Americans’ hearts. For many of us, it’s a special time to spend with family and loved ones. Check out these easy DIY Memorial Day BBQ ideas to help you make your gathering one full of treasured moments.

1. Overhead Streamers

Memorial Day BBQ decorations

Photo credit: Memorial Day Prep via Diana Haynes

Instantly transform your backyard space into a festive scene by stringing dollar store streamers overhead. Your guests will love the airy, whimsical vibe. You can also use string lights to add some sparkle at twilight!

2. Patriotic Luminaries

Patriotic luminaries

Photo credit: DIY…

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Subaru Share The Love

Where to begin....well every year Subaru has a function called Share The Love.  If you pay attention to ANY media you will have heard or seen the promotion.  Basically if you purchased a new Subaru you had the ability to select a charity.  This charity would receive money from Subaru on your behalf.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  Well we here at Profile petitioned Subaru of New England to add Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation  as our local official charity.  Click on the link to read a little more about them, they do amazing work for…
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Spring Car Care Tips

So Spring is about to...well...SPRING!!  This weekend we roll the clocks forward, yeah, spring ahead!!  So it will be lighter later for the kids, the farmers?  Who can really remember why we do daylight savings, but I digress.  We have put together a short list of some important items for you to remember to deal with to keep your car in tip top shape.  They can be found by clicking here.  Of course if you would like us to assist you in these items you can fill out a service appointment request by clicking here.  If you have…
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Should I Lease or Buy?

Loan or Lease?

Came across a great article we wanted to share with all of you....

So, you're considering leasing your next vehicle.

Sure, about 80 percent of auto consumers either pay cash or finance their purchase with a loan, but you're considering joining the other one-fifth of intrepid consumers willing to forgo ownership for a new set of wheels and the short-term benefits that leasing provides.

Maybe you're self-employed and can write off your leasing payment as a business expense. Or maybe you're trying to get into a luxury model for less upfront cash. Or…
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