Remote Start Your Subaru Vehicle with the MySubaru App

Every driver around Conway and Berlin knows the feeling. You wake up to a cold winter morning and there's nothing you'd like to do less than sit in your vehicle and wait for the heat to kick in. With the MySubaru App on your phone, you can remote start your vehicle from inside, allowing it to heat up in the winter and cool down in the summer to provide you with a temperate and comfortable driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. The MySubaru App is available for all devices and can be paired with your Subaru Starlink multimedia system and enjoy complete control over a variety of different vehicle functions, providing you with greater connectivity wherever you go.

What Are the Different Functions of the MySubaru App

  • Remote Start Your Vehicle: The MySubaru App syncs with your Starlink multimedia system and lets you remotely start your vehicle using your phone. With remote start you can get your vehicle warned to take on the coldest winter days in Belmont and Littleton.
  • Lock and Unlock Your Subaru: When you start to wonder whether you locked your vehicle before coming in the house, you no longer have to put on your shoes and brave the weather in Bridgton, ME. The MySubaru App lets you lock and unlock your vehicle simply by pressing a button, giving you greater confidence knowing that your vehicle is safe and locked.
  • Schedule a Service Appointment: When it's time to service your Subaru vehicle in Conway or near Naples, ME, you can quickly and conveniently schedule a service appointment using the MySubaru App.

Learn More About the MySubaru App and Everything it Can Provide for You today

The best way to discover all of the helpful functions that the new MySubaru App can provide for you is to download the app and come see our experts at Profile Subaru to get a tutorial on how to use the app and take advantage of all its functions in person.

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